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Black Politics


W   e      a   r   e        c   o   n   t   e   m   p   o   r   a   r   y      p   e   o   p   l   e

“In the beginning was Africa, the sculpted representation of traditions and generations.

The Black Politics series affirms that African roots and descendents in Europe and the USA are not frozen in the past, folklore, or underdeveloped.

Far from Tam-tam, dust, and misery, Black Politics redefines the modernity of traditional black culture. 

Black Politics shows that black roots are deep in the past, but are also modern, inventive and illustrative of the future. This exhibition is a political act as it responds to the violence and negative views towards blacks as seen in mass incarceration, systemic racism and U.S. policing. It is our rich stories that build new beginnings. The masks in Black Politics are honorable as they are a symbol of transformation. “



These works are focused on revisiting classical and philosophical themes that have built our cultural and artistic identity, while developing a contemporary vision of these subjects. I also work on a very personal and introspective reflection on themes such as  « silence", "endless waiting" and  "loneliness".

For my part, a painting should not be a simple illustration on canvas. Each painting must tell its viewer a story, and must become similar to "Alice in Wonderland’s" mirror, so that each person has the desire to go through it and be a part of it. My paintings take the spectator back to his own nature, fear and reality.

I believe that painting is only interesting if it stems from an intellectual and philosophical reflection, that is necessary for all creative acts.



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frank schroeder paintings
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